a voice
& nothing more
---solely based on TRUTH & REALITY.

is the label
to establish my existence,
what power is there
in a name to
define me or you?

There is none.

Two Kinds of Intelligence


One aquired, ever since a child
The other gained, experiences piled
Textbooks and schoolwork
Discovering your own look
Memorizing math facts
Realizing how people act
Verbs and nouns written down
Nothing compared to cities & towns
Documentaries on history
Finding me, I’m a mystery
Studying for daily tests, no rest
Livin’ as the undersog, strive to be the best
Reportcards and SAT’s
People judge, they think they know me
We got parents who nag
Love them haters that brag
Aimin’ for highest valedictorian
Spittin’ rhymes like a barbaric Shakespearean
Incessant reassuring of bubble filling
Apparent peer pressuring, thinking if I’m willing
Deluded by reality, always rationality
Questions of morality, clearly marked me insanity
Conformed by school society
Tryna keep sobreity
Education then graduation off to ivy-league administrations
Generation of transmoration, too much interpretation, yet keep my motivation
Two forms of intelligence
My knowledge grows to be immense
Always maintain common sense
Life is crazy, it gets intense.